Hot, iced, frozen coffee and fruit smoothies now available at Salt Flat Coffee Truck! 323 N Main, Tooele

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This is hands down the best coffee I have ever tasted! I highly recommend the trip over to them, it’s worth it. Their blends are smooth and the coffee is bold with some of the most distinct notes I have ever had in coffee. I will have to say you haven’t tried good coffee until you have tried Salt Flat Coffee Co.

Wesley B.

The coffee can’t be beat!

Let us show you what damn good coffee tastes like.

You don’t have to have a death wish … our ‘Blends’ are specially formulated to deliver 50% more caffeine over your average cup of joe!

Salt Flat Coffee

Finally decided to stop supporting the big coffee companies and start supporting a local business who's values align with mine. It was delivered quickly and the coffee is delicious.

Don't think, just buy... Awesome coffee.

Jordan R.

Salt Flat Coffee Company

323 N Main

Tooele, Utah 84074

T-F 7am - 2pm • Sat - Sun 8am - 1pm