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From lightest to darkest:
Blue Nile
Hell's Gate
Bonneville Kraken
Salt Flat Shiner(varies)
Sacred Valley
Blue Flame

Whiskey barrel, dry aged coffee! Do we have your attention? This exclusive treat will vary slightly from batch to batch, but here's the basic breakdown... We dry age a mixture of green beans in a barrel that was used to age Dented Brick Distillery's Rye Bourbon. Our process ensures all beans are equally seasoned to perfection, then we pull, filter and roast the beans to a medium roast and package them as whole beans into a 750ML Whiskey Bottle. Enjoy this special treat as you please, or pull it out and grind it fresh to show your friends and family that you've acquired an artisan roast unlike anything they've ever experienced! The aging process replaces the bitterness and aftertaste of coffee with an amazing oak charred, rye bourbon flavor that is TO DIE FOR! Caffeine content is around 150% the caffeine of your typical cup of coffee.

Blue Nile is 100% quality Ethiopian coffee bean. As a highly sought after and flavorful bean, we lightly roast Blue Nile to ensure maximum preservation of the savory notes.

The Blue Nile weaves its way through northern Ethiopia and is the largest tributary to the Nile River. This coffee is named for that powerful stretch of water that brings life to those who need it. This coffee comes from the highlands of Ethiopia. The unique soil and climate makes Ethiopian Coffee some of the finest coffee found anywhere in the world!

Hell's Gate is 100% quality Kenyan coffee bean. As a highly sought after and flavorful bean, we lightly roast Hell's Gate to ensure maximum preservation of the savory notes.

Hell's Gate is a small national park in Kenya that is home to an abundance of geothermal activity. Its small size means it can be explored on foot or bicycle and is home to unique wildlife. This little-known park was the inspiration for naming our Kenyan coffee. Kenya produces some of the finest coffee in the world and we are honored to roast it for you!

Beware of the Kraken! Bonneville Kraken is a special blend created to attack you with 187% the caffeine of your normal cup of coffee! Unlike most 'highly Caffeinated' blends, the flavor of Kraken is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Our blending of Ethiopian, Brazilian, Peruvian and other Latin American coffee beans in extremely small batches takes much more time, effort and energy... But we think you're worth it!

Trailhead is a creative blend that is both mixed pre-roast and post roast - offering you the best of both worlds. We mix a light roast (giving you the exceptional flavor notes) with a dark roast (delivering robust, smooth, smoky accents). Our experience verifies that this is a far superior method of creating a delicious, well rounded medium roast. It takes a little more time, but this method is greatly preferred over simply roasting this entire blend at a 'medium' temperature.

Copacabana Beach is well known for its sun, fun and vibrant celebration of life. Loaded with 50% more caffeine than your typical cup of coffee, this blend of Brazilian and other Latin American beans touts a coffee to help you seize not only the day, but the night as well! So when the occasion deems that you 'turn it up,' turn to this brew!

With 50% more caffeine than your typical cup of coffee, you better hold on! This robust blend of Peruvian and other Latin American coffee will bring focus and power to get you through the toughest days. Sacred Valley pays homage to a region of the Peruvian highlands near the ancient city of Machu Picchu. This stretch of fertile farmland formed the heart of the Incan Empire and is just what you need to motivate you to build and empire of your own!

Blue Flame honors a true Salt Flat Legend! Our creation is a superior, robust, dark roast with Peruvian, Colombian and other Latin American Coffee. With 50% more caffeine, you'll gain exceptional focus and power, just like The Blue Flame!

Our recipes and power blends offer extraordinary flavor and some do offer extra caffeine to give you a little more pep in your step! Extra caffeine is achieved naturally through a special combination of coffee beans.
Blue Nile: 100% Caffeine
Hell's Gate: 100% Caffeine
Bonneville KRAKEN: 187% Caffeine
Salt Flat Shiner: 150% Caffeine
Trailhead: 125% Caffeine
Copacabana: 150% Caffeine
Sacred Valley: 150% Caffeine
Blue Flame: 150% Caffeine

Salt Flat Coffee is roasted at 323 N Main in Tooele, Utah in a Department of Agriculture certified facility.

Absolutely! Our vendor carries multiple certifications, so you know our product it ethically sourced! These certifications include: Fair-trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, USDA Certified Organic, Bird Friendly - Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, Flocert Certified - Assuring Fairness. They've also minimized paper use and recycle the paper they do use. They are beginning to compost all coffee grounds, and, whenever possible, we buy energy-saving bulbs and equipment.

Salt Flat Coffee Company is both! We were Veteran Founded and currently are proudly 50% Veteran Owned and Operated!